YouTube Channel?

Hey Hey Hey

How are you my Little Things? 

Yes, i’m traying to do a post in english because in this moment all the famous blogs talk in english.

If you read this and some things is bad, sorry but is the first time I do this altough I study english in my school… I’m not a girl to talk with other People in this language.

These days I have been thinking about do a channel in YouTube but at the same time I tell me that no one would see me. What do you think? I’m not sure bc my parents don’t know about this blog and If I make the channel would have to tell my parents and tell them about the blog!

Do you think is a good idea do this? Or nah?

I know this is very short but the next week I have all the days exams😃🔫 and this is the unic time I have this days.

See you next weekend👋

Love you💜